Hotmax Goes Green

High energy and high heat alternative fuel logs launch eco-friendly sustainable packaging.

Heading towards Autumn, many will be looking forward to those dark and cosy nights wrapped up by a roaring fire. With new clean air regulations coming into force and air pollution high on people’s concerns post-COVID, there has never been a better time to rethink what you will be burning this winter. Getting the green light for an exciting new eco-product, Hotmax launches its alternative fire log in a fully compostable 10kg paper bag.

This sustainability move sees Hotmax continue to take its environmental credentials seriously in today’s climate conscious market. Available UK-wide, the natural, recycled fuel logs are Ready to Burn and out-perform traditional fuels, having a very low moisture content and releasing up to 50% less emissions

100% natural and 100% British, Hotmax is HETAS accredited and made from the waste-wood dust of renewable UK forestry timber. This makes them far more eco-friendly than seasoned firewood, as well as being more economical and heat efficient than traditional fuels. With a market-leading low 7% moisture content Hotmax heat logs burn with very little smoke which is a great gain for the environment and for human health

The green qualities of the product speak for themselves, and Tim Smalley, Managing Director of Hotmax, also explains why the new packaging was necessary: “Hotmax is specifically an eco-friendly product, and for this growing market, environmental credentials don’t just stop at the product itself. We wanted to be holistic and to have better packaging when it came to protecting the environment, which is very important to us as a company

“For this, a lot of work went into developing new packaging that not only looked very stylish but was also fully biodegradable. This meant we could make improvements that fully align with our beliefs and make as little impact on the environment as possible. We are therefore thrilled to be launching this new-look Hotmax in time for the winter months, and hope that our customers will be as pleased with the result as we are.

This innovative and high energy fire fuel is suited to more than just traditional fires, wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. Looking to cater to the growing market of pollution-conscious homes and the expanding staycation sector, the fire logs are also suitable for use in open fires, chimineas, firepits and barbecues, and are the perfect addition to an autumn evening whether keeping everyone toasty outside or snug curled up on the sofa.

Their quality means Hotmax is easy to light and clean to handle, while also significantly outperforming traditional wood fuels in terms of energy output and ash residue. This makes Hotmax very easy to use and is one of the most energy efficient and eco-friendly fuels available in the UK today.

With water-based inks on the paper sack to reduce harmful chemicals reaching the environment, once empty, the bag can easily be recycled or returned to the earth on a compost heap.

Hotmax focuses on eco-friendliness, using waste wood dust diverted from landfill and repurposed during the manufacturing process of Bedmax horse bedding. With no additives or chemicals, the dust is compressed into fuel logs to offer a safer and greener alternative to traditional coal or wood.

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