Bedmax gets full marks from Badminton to Brixton

Badminton Horse Trials will be taking place in a few days’ time, and once again we’ll be supplying the bedding for the horses stabled at Badminton House. But they won’t be the only horses and ponies who’ll be benefiting from a complimentary bed of Bedmax shavings.

Ebony Horse Club is a community riding club built in Brixton, right in the heart of inner city South London, with a stable block and schooling menage surrounded by tower blocks and shopping streets.

With a very small staff and a tiny budget, Ebony Horse Club gives hundreds of local young people a life-changing chance to discover the joy of caring for and riding horses and ponies. In the process, they learn skills and develop confidence that will carry them far beyond Brixton, maybe working with horses or in any number of other walks of life.

Bedmax is supporting the club with bedding, education and a donation towards their £750,000 annual running costs, and we’ve just received some wonderful feedback from Ebony’s Stable Manager Tom Warmerdam:

“I would also like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for you sponsoring Ebony’s with your bedding. It has proved to be fantastic and easy to work with. Since we switched to Bedmax, we have been wasting a lot less, as all the wet is absorbed in one spot. We have also noticed a significant improvement in the quality of air in the stables, and there is no dust when laying the beds, which is vital for our horses living in the city and stabled for extended periods.

“Furthermore, the floors are drier than before and the horses seem comfortable lying on it. We are truly grateful for your sponsorship of our charity and for allowing us to provide our horses with such a fantastic product. Our horses deserve the best, as they do so much for the young people in our community.”

We’re also providing tickets for some of Ebony’s young members to go to Badminton. It’s the UK’s most prestigious equestrian event, and it draws hundreds of thousands of people from every corner of the country, but they’ll recognise that every single visitor there shares exactly the same passion for horses as the Ebony Horse Club

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