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At Bedmax we like to do all we can to support our retailers. We pride ourselves on supporting sales by offering a range of resources. Here you will find approved imagery, suggested socials, and information on how to get your hands on Point of Sale branded marketing supplies.

This all contributes to better results in store. In 2022, engaging your customers online is crucial to both enhancing sales and educating consumers on the unique benefits of your stocked products. Here, Bedmax provides you with inspiration for creating attractive and informative social media posts to help get you started.

We are also pleased to be able to offer a sales support and marketing team to work with you on any queries or ideas you may have

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Product Information


Uniquely dust extracted, hygienic, comfortable, supportive, protective, completely natural, long-lasting large pine shavings – purpose made to help you safeguard the health and wellbeing of your horse in the stable.


Littlemax shavings are made to measure to offer owners all the benefits of Bedmax protection, support, comfort and natural hygiene, but in a smaller, finer, whiter shaving.


Stockmax shavings are 100% pine, large flake shavings that create the ideal, hygienic, dust extracted, warm, comfortable bedding for sheep and lambs, dairy cows, poultry, game bird chicks and kennelled working dogs.


Strawmax straw pellets outperform wood pellets on absorbency and sustainability, traditional straw on equine health and consistency, and most other equine bedding materials on ease of use, odour suppression, positive environmental impact and all-round user-friendly convenience.


Hotmax wood briquettes are an ideal virtually smokeless fuel for your home in winter and for outdoor use in summer. They’re made from 100% natural, recycled wood dust that burn cleaner than even the best kiln dried or seasoned hardwood logs.

Example Social Media Posts

Please feel free to use the suggested social content to create social media posts. You are welcome to personalise these to incorporate your own brand. You can save and use any of the approved imagery and wording for social and/or website content.





Bedmax Education


Our eLearning course gives an in-depth look at bedding for the stabled horse. It has been developed by Bedmax with support from specialists across the industry.

The course covers the management of bedding for the stabled horse, including the different types of bedding, their features and benefits, and how bedding can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of a stabled horse. We also cover how Bedmax is made, and why is hygiene is important, and include our useful guide to bed-making.

Printed Marketing Materials

Request literature and point of sale material to help you drive sales.

We’re happy to provide you with literature and point of sale material to help you drive sales. We have a variety of items available, including outdoor PVC banners, brand signs, leaflets and flyers.

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