Environmental, Social & Governance

At Bedmax, we’re fully committed to the responsible manufacturing, marketing and sales of all our products, based on the principles of sound and transparent governance.

Independently audited by Planet Mark, we’re committed to continuously reducing our carbon footprint, and we’re working with our suppliers, our customers and our local communities to achieve a positive impact on the environment and society, and to help deliver a more sustainable future.

Bedmax – Caring for the Environment

Our 10 step story explains how we make sure that nothing we use to make Bedmax is wasted, how the waste product can be used to make our Hotmax fuel logs, and how even the plastic bags used in our final product is completely recyclable.


Green Sourcing

All our products are made from 100% natural, locally sourced, renewable timber and straw…


Cutting Carbon

We make all our products in three dedicated UK plants where we invest continuously to cut our carbon…


Recycling Waste

We recycle every production byproduct. Any bark from the logs goes to garden centres as mulch…


Extracting Dust

We screen and vacuum extract all the dust from our shavings that might cause respiratory damage…


3,000 Tonnes

That amounts to over 3,000 tonnes of dust and particles removed from our shavings every year…


Dust to Hotmax

Already very dry, this dust is compacted additive-free into 100% natural wood Hotmax Heat Logs…


Eco-friendly Fuel

Hotmax is one of the cleanest, most efficient and eco-friendly fuels, available in plastic and paper bags…


No.1 Beddings

Meanwhile, thousands of customers now use our low dust, 100% natural beddings for their animals…


Full Circle

And the best way to dispose of our used bedding is to compost it and return it to the soil…



We pack our products in recyclable plastic, and now we’re using film which itself contains 30% recycled plastic…

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As well as recycling all our waste, we’re constantly looking for ways to minimise our impact on the environment in every way we can:

We’re developing our own sustainable solar energy generation
We’re minimising the use of paper in our offices
For any marketing materials we need to print we use only fully recycled paper
We’re reducing transport emissions by sourcing as locally as possible
We’re reducing our own travel by using online meeting technology
All materials, including paper, batteries and old electronics, are recycled from our plants and offices
Our independent annual Planet Market Carbon Audit is monitoring our progress, and our latest 2023-2024 audit showed that we succeeded in reducing our emissions by 14% over the previous year.

Composting used Bedmax Shavings

We are regularly asked by customers for advice on the most effective way to dispose of used shavings.

So we commissioned scientists at Napier University to come up with the definitive answer. Now the experiments are finished – and the answer is to turn your shavings into compost and return them to the soil.

Bedmax shavings, in the right natural conditions and with just a bit of sensible management, will obligingly turn themselves into re-usable, bio-degradable compost.

Local Communities

Our local communities are incredibly important to us at Bedmax and together with our staff we proactively help and support our communities and residents whenever we can.

At our plants we are conscious that our work causes noise pollution, which can negatively impact the surrounding communities. We have installed noise enclosures where appropriate to minimise any detrimental sound from production. We donate timber to the Northumberland Log Bank that provides ready cut logs free of charge to those that need it in the Northumberland area, and are actively involved in many local, regional and national charities.

NNVF Awards

Bedmax is the overall supporter of the North Northumberland Voluntary Forum Annual Voluntary and Community Awards. These awards acknowledge the amazing contribution made by individuals, volunteers and community groups across North Northumberland.

Supporting Bell View

Bedmax has long supported our local day care centre. We produce a quarterly newsletter for the centre, and after Storm Arwen our team helped clear trees blown down across the community garden. We helped secure a £3,000 grant from the RWHA Charity fund for the garden’s restoration.

Ebony Horse Club

Bedmax is supporting Ebony Horse Club with bedding and education. A community riding club in the heart of inner city South London, and with a very small staff and a tiny budget, Ebony gives local young people a chance to discover the joy of horses and ponies.

Racing Welfare

Racing Welfare supports the workforce of British horseracing by offering practical guidance and professional help. Bedmax supports several of their events including the Newmarket Heath ride and racing centre open days and open weekends.

The British Racing School

The British Racing School is a charity which supports young people from all backgrounds to access jobs in the racing industry, they rely on donations to keep the school running, and  Bedmax has donated a supply of shavings free of charge to the school.

Our Staff & Workplaces

Making Bedmax a great place to work is a cornerstone of our philosophy, and the health, safety and mental wellbeing of every member of our team is a fundamental priority.

We invest continuously in making our workplaces healthier and safer
We have four trained Mental Health Champions, and we offer all our staff immediate access to in-house or independent mental health support
We encourage every member of staff training opportunities to raise their level of skill and expertise to further their career
We operate a Bright Ideas programme rewarding suggestions to improve efficiency in our working environments.
Living our Values: We encourage our staff to nominate each other for outstanding achievement based on our five company values.

Act With Integrity

We do what we say we will do in a safe way.

Take Responsibility

You are accountable for your actions and your own development. You own up to mistakes made.

Excel In What We Do

We consistently try to perform better and better.

Open To Change

We are positive when faced with changes and make the effort to continuously improve.


We act as a family and support each other.

Bedmax Environmental, Social and Governance News Articles

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