Fine shavings made specially for horses

Littlemax shavings offer you a finer, lighter alternative to Bedmax, with all the same benefits to your horses’ health and added advantages in speed and ease of stable management.

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an ideal bedding for horses and ponies

Purpose made fine and light pine shavings for horses…

We began making Littlemax in 2010 in response to a demand for smaller, lighter flakes which would offer the hygiene and low dust benefits which we are renowned for. Owners who use Littlemax know that it addresses all the health and welfare issues related to keeping your horse in the stable. For owners it is extremely easy to use, manage and maintain and is an excellent timesaver.

Littlemax shavings are made at our three dedicated production plants across the UK from fresh timber sourced from renewable British forestry.


Minimise the Risks

Our priority is to provide you with a bedding that enables you to keep your horse healthy, happy, comfortable and safe in the stable.


Bedding is one of the biggest sources of dust in the stable. We aim to screen out and vacuum extract as much potentially breathable dust as humanly possible to reduce this risk to the lowest possible level.


It’s an old cliché, but no hoof, no horse. Littlemax is supportive under-hoof as well as being dried to a controlled moisture content to prevent hooves from drying out and cracking.


Littlemax shavings are made predominantly from naturally antibacterial pine, and they’re dried at sterilising temperatures to help you keep your stable as hygienic as possible.


Littlemax provides a supportive bed which protects horses’ hocks and other joints from damage when lying down.


Littlemax removes urine from the surface of the bed to be absorbed at the base. This reduces exposure to harmful ammonia which damages horses’ lungs and hooves.


A clean, supportive bed encourages horses to lie down safely in order to achieve necessary REM sleep.

Why Choose Littlemax?

Many horse owners choose Littlemax simply because they prefer a finer, lighter shaving. We launched Littlemax to provide these owners with a product they could rely on that offers the same assurance of ultra-low dust levels and consistent high standards of quality.

Better For Horses

Ultra low dust
Supportive for hooves
Manages moisture
Cushions hocks & joints
Improves rest

Better For Owners

Peace of mind
Easy to use
Goes a long way
Long lasting
Great value

Why is Littlemax Special?

Manufactured from fresh timber
Made mostly from Scots pine
Smaller, finer flakes
Controlled drying
Triple dust-extracted


What People Say

“Consistent Quality”

“We use Littlemax for our dressage ponies; they must love it as they are covered in it every morning!”

“Low Dust”

“Littlemax has proven invaluable for my horse who suffers with asthma. I am now able to manage her condition without medication.”

“Respiratory Health”

“Littlemax shavings are the best. The small flakes are very easy to work with and the horses love their beds.”

“Cost Effective”

“My horses and I all love Littlemax! It’s so timesaving I now use it all the time.”

Where To Buy

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