Bedmax achieves over 14% reduction in carbon emissions

Bedmax Limited is delighted to announce a remarkable reduction in total carbon emissions of 14.2% over the 12 months of 2022, as measured in their latest report by the internationally recognised sustainability certification, Planet Mark.

Britain’s leading equine bedding manufacturer achieved its first year of Business Certification in 2019, but this fourth annual carbon footprint report demonstrates the success of the company’s long-term commitment to the continuous reduction of its carbon emissions and its impact on the environment.

Bedmax’s fourth Business Certification report covers the reporting boundary of all four production plants in Northumberland, Nottinghamshire and Hampshire, and the company’s Head Office on the Northumbrian coast opposite Holy Island. The 2022 report measured the total business carbon footprint 14.2% down on the previous 12 months, measured per employee, the company’s footprint shrank by an even more significant 18.2% from the previous year per employee.

This even greater reduction reflected the company’s streamlined workforce efficiency, but the overall total carbon reduction performance was nevertheless a particularly significant achievement in light of the company’s record levels of production during the reporting year.

Bedmax Managing Director Tim Smalley says the carbon reduction results are a testimony to the commitment of the whole team to a company-wide campaign to maximise efficiency and minimise waste.

“As a manufacturer we have always been very conscious of our environmental impact, and we’ve always tried hard to reduce our footprint in every way we can. We’ve always used renewable UK forestry timber to make our shavings, for example, and we recycle all our waste.

“But the Plant Mark scheme has focussed everybody in the company on what we can all do to reduce energy consumption and waste. It has given us all the information we need to identify opportunities to be more efficient in large and small things, which all add up to this year’s very welcome 14% reduction in carbon the same time as we have been breaking our production records over and over again to meet soaring demand.”

As part of the process of driving continuous improvement, Planet Mark recommends that its members target a 5% annual carbon footprint reduction.

Steve Malkin, CEO and Founder of Planet Mark: “We are impressed that Bedmax has exceeded our recommended annual carbon reduction target of 5% as we know that cutting carbon emissions involves the effort and commitment of everyone within the company. We look forward to seeing Bedmax continue to succeed on its sustainability journey as we transition to a net zero world.”

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