Getting Your Stable Ready for the Dark Nights

Top Tips for heading into Autumn

Autumn is here, and with that comes the inevitable shortening of the days as we head towards winter. So before we dig out the waterproofs once more let’s use this time to get ready!

  1. Have you had your clippers serviced and blades sharpened? It’s easy to cast your clippers aside as the summer months roll in but be sure to have blades sharpened and clippers serviced pre winter coat season so you can hit the ground running.
  2. Are your winter rugs washed and waterproofed ready to go or are they still piled up in the corner of the tackroom? Now is the perfect time to sort through them and get them washed, mended and re proofed for the cooler months ahead.
  3. Are you winter woolies ready for action? Wellies may have stood reduntant all summer but you will soon need their services, can you locate your favourite bobble hat or headband?
  4. Have you got enough hay or haylage to see you through the winter or have a trusted source? Get stocked up now and avoid that last minute panic. Remember, if your horse or pony lives out during the winter they will need more hay or haylage than normal.
  5. Ensure your equine first aid kit is up to date and full of all the essentials. Something that should be kept up to date all year round but more so in the autumn/winter months, wet fields and fresh horses often result in silly little accidents so best to be ready.
  6. Clean out any gutters and drains. A nasty job in any weather but best to get it done now. Free up any gutters from fallen leaves and unblock any drains so you don’t find yourself paddling across the yard in the depths of winter.
  7. Locate your head torch! This vital piece of equipment will become your closest ally, so be sure to know its whereabouts now and stock up on the correct batteries too!
  8. If your competition season is put on hold through the winter, it is a good tip to deep clean your lorry or trailer before parking it up for the winter. If you do have a lorry ensure you start it up every so often so batteries don’t go flat.

Cast your mind back to last winter and think of all those things you thought “I must get that done before next winter”. Well, now is the time!

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