Hotmax Receives Environmental Thumbs Up with Woodsure Accreditation

Hotmax are delighted to announce their recent accreditation by Woodsure for their fuel-efficient heat logs, being classed as ‘Ready to Burn’ in a scheme that affirms the material meets sustainability criteria. This important accreditation credits Hotmax heat logs which has a moisture content of 6-10% moisture, as a fuel that produces a reduced environmental impact in contrast to unseasoned wood logs. 

This accreditation is only given to assured quality woodfuels that meet a DEFRA endorsed criteria of increased efficiency, more environmentally friendly, whilst also being better heat generators. Ready to Burn, logs are certified as containing no more than 20% moisture, which means less smoke, less carbon monoxide and therefore less pollution.

 Hotmax is made by Bedmax Ltd, which sources 100% of its natural wood for their high-quality equine bedding from sustainably managed British forests. The unavoidable manufacturing waste of pine shaving production posed a problem for the environmentally conscious industry leaders, until it provided an opportunity. Innovation and research by the company transformed the thousands of tonnes of extracted softwood dust and particles into a recycling success story. Hotmax was born by capitalising on the potential to give this valuable resource further life, creating compacted, natural, unadulterated clean and convenient fuel source – recycled wood fuel logs. 

With open fires and wood-burning stoves becoming ever-more popular over the last decade, the upsurge in using wood as a heating fuel has also unfortunately had negative consequences. Smoke created by burning undried wood logs with high water content is denser so it therefore releases more pollutants and harmful molecules into the air. 

The Woodsure label confirms that these heat logs are best for maximising efficiency by producing more heat for less fuel and announcing details of this milestone accreditation, Tim Smalley Managing Director of Bedmax Ltd said: 

“The Ready to Burn accreditation for Hotmax further signals to our customers how as a company we are meeting sustainability commitments by achieving strides in eco-friendly fuel technology.

So we are delighted that Hotmax has been officially recognised, as it is a guarantee to consumers that these fuel logs are dry and ready for use and that they will burn more efficiently than unseasoned, green wood, along with reducing environmental impact.  Of course as well as minimising the damage to the air we breathe, it us also a very heat efficient fuel which is a cost-effective and convenient alternative for all types of  wood burning appliances. As the cost of traditional fossil fuels continue to spiral upward cost is something which is especially important.

An additional benefit of Hotmax fuel efficient heat logs are the reduced risk of chimney fires. With the added convenience of being very easy to light, they also heat rooms quickly whilst achieving low soot and low ash residue. 

Hotmax is an ideal source of heat for homes in the winter and equally ideal for outdoor use in summer and can be used on a range of appliances, stoves, BBQs, and low-emission appliances.  Available from retailers all over the United Kingdom, Hotmax is conveniently offered in both 10kg and 20kg bags.

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