Bedmax Launches Bedding Management Course

Pioneering equine bedding manufacturer, Bedmax, has launched the UK’s first course accredited by the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority (AMTRA), for RAMAs and SQPs, covering all aspects of bedding management and wellbeing for horses.

Worth 4 AMTRA CPD points, the Bedmax online course explains the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular types of bedding used for horses, how bedding can fundamentally affect the health and wellbeing of a stabled horse, and best practice in making and managing a healthy bed. It includes videos demonstrating the professionally recommended way to make a bed using Bedmax shavings and the company’s new Strawmax straw pellets, and it explains the meaning and importance of the BETA NOPS Bedding certification now carried by all Bedmax equine beddings.

The self-paced AMTRA accredited course runs to a total of 40 minutes, and can be completed on the SQPTraining portal, from VBMS Training, by Registered Animal Medicines Advisors (RAMAs) / Suitably Qualified Persons candidates (SQPs) seeking to fulfil their required Continuing Professional Development (CPD) compliance.

Bedmax already supports hundreds of SQPs working in equine retailing, veterinary practice and professional equestrian organisations with education and training. Bedmax MD, Tim Smalley, believes the new AMTRA accredited course is a major step forward in the company’s long-term commitment to raising awareness of the critical importance of bedding to equine health and wellbeing.

“We based the development of our beddings on veterinary research and advice on the effects that bedding can have on the health of horses in their stables. Good bedding can help safeguard horses from the many health risks they face in their stables, and we have always tried to communicate this really vital information to our customers and our retailers. The AMTRA accredited course takes this to a whole new level and we hope it will help keep the UK at the forefront in raising the standards of equine care to the highest level.”

Claire Williams, Executive Director of the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) sees the Bedmax AMTRA accredited course as a major resource for people making a career in the industry. “Britain really does lead the way in equine management training and qualification, and the Bedmax course now meets that British standard of excellence in the key area of bedding management. It’s a great advantage for RAMAs/SQPs to be able to gain their CPD points on the SQP Training portal, and we are sure that the response to this course is going to be tremendous.”

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