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Bedmax has become the first equine bedding company to achieve NOPS accreditation, under a new scheme launched by the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA).

Enrol on our new eLearning course, developed by Bedmax with support from specialists across the industry, and providing an in-depth look at bedding for the stabled horse.

Bedmax Bedding Products

Bedmax bedding products are purpose made to provide an ideal bedding for horses and ponies. They are made at three dedicated production plants in the UK, from fresh timber sourced from renewable UK forestry. Bedmax bedding has been developed to offer owners a natural bedding that helps address the issues that threaten the health and welfare of horses in stables.


Large flake dust extracted pine shavings


All the benefits of Bedmax, but in a lighter form


A healthy, ultra-absorbent and economical equine bedding option


The ideal bedding for many other animals, large and small


The sustainable alternative to kiln dried logs for winter and summer.

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20 Top Tips for Horse Owners to Survive the Winter

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Equine Health Advice & Articles

Promoting preventative horse health care

January is Bedmax Equine Health Month

January is Bedmax Equine Health Month

Bedmax is starting the New Year with a month-long campaign to highlight the health issues that threaten the wellbeing and even the lives of the...

Learning from Covid

Learning from Covid

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The Bedmax Values

Horse Welfare

Our main priority since the beginning. The very core of everything we do and the reason we began producing  Bedmax.


We strive to help owners help their horses through research, product trialling and knowledge sharing to raise the profile of equine welfare in the stable.

The Environment

As a company, we are continually striving to minimise our impact on the environment, and to recycle as much of our waste as we can.


We source our pine timber entirely from sustainable UK forestry. For every tree that is cut down, a new one is planted.

Supporting Retailers

We only supply our products through our network of loyal supplier customers.


We pride ourselves on being innovative industry leaders at the forefront of what we do.


Community spirit is at the heart of everything we do; both our local community and the equine community.

Research & Development

Through continual research we ceaselessly strive to improve and perfect our bespoke bedding products.

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