The benefits of using straw pellet horse bedding under shavings

Using straw pellets under shavings for your horse bedding can reduce the amount of bedding you need to keep your horse’s stable dry, hygienic, healthy and comfortable.

We’re getting increasingly positive feedback from horse owners who are combining the benefits of Bedmax shavings with our new Strawmax straw pellets. What these canny owners are finding is that by putting down a base layer of straw pellets and covering them with a layer of shavings, they are reducing the amount of both types of bedding they need to keep the stable dry, hygienic, healthy and comfortable.

Straw pellets offer a level of absorbency that experts have suggested is greater than any other bedding material. That means that urine is absorbed in relatively small ‘patches’ of the bed where it can easily be isolated and mucked out without wasting anything like as much clean bedding as other types.

A top layer of shavings (like Bedmax or Littlemax) allows urine to drain down to the straw pellet base layer, leaving the shavings free of moisture. This keeps the shavings in good condition for longer, requiring less replacement, and the shavings also offer all the unbeatable Bedmax benefits of minimal dust, pine hygiene and extra support for horses lying down and rolling.

Because it lasts longer than other types of bedding, straw pellet bedding like Strawmax is particularly economical to use either on its own or as a base layer, and owners who are using it in both ways tell us their level of waste is so small their muckheaps are shrinking before their very eyes. You can read more about the features and benefits of Strawmax here.

So we’re very happy to recommend Strawmax as a base layer under any good quality shavings. It seems to offer the best of both worlds to owners and their horses. Click here for a useful tutorial on how to use our Strawmax straw pellets.

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