How well do you know your horse beddings?

This is the UK’s only dedicated equine bedding e-learning course.

It takes you through the key areas of knowledge that explains the vital part bedding plays in safeguarding your horses’ health and wellbeing in the stable.


Every month we draw a name from those who’ve completed and the winner gets £100..

For RAMAs or SPQs… Our new AMTRA accredited version of this course is worth 4 AMTRA CPD points online at

About the course…

The course has been developed by Bedmax with support from specialists across the industry.

It covers the management of bedding for the stabled horse, including the different types of bedding, their features and benefits, and how bedding can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of a stabled horse. We also cover how Bedmax is made, and why hygiene is important, and include our useful guide to bed-making.

“I really enjoyed completing the course. I learned a lot about the different types of bedding – I had never considered the impact of moisture levels and ammonia levels on the welfare of the hoof. It was very interesting!


How will I learn?

You will ‘learn by doing’ by engaging in a variety of learning activities to help check and assure your knowledge and understanding.

How long will it take?

The course is self-paced, in three sections, with each module to be completed in sequence. If completing all at once it will take a maximum of 20 minutes.

Where do I get help?

If you experience any difficulty taking the course you can email us, or call the office on 01668 213467.

Why is bedding important?

Around 80% of the hundreds of horses consultant vet Dr Emmanuelle van Erck Westergren has been called in to treat turn out to be suffering from respiratory problems.

“Horses in poorly managed stables can be breathing air containing 50 times more dust than in a clean stable…When we had to wear masks some owners were appalled at the dirt on the outside of their mask after spending a day with their horse. It showed exactly what is in the air in their horse’s stables.”

Learn about NOPS, and why it’s important.

Minimising contamination by Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances…

Since we started making Bedmax in 2000 we have done our best to keep moving forward all the time with new products and improvements to our production, quality and service.

Bedmax has become the first equine bedding company to achieve NOPS accreditation, under a new scheme launched by the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) in January 2021.

Bedmax, Littlemax & Stockmax

A 100% natural bedding developed and made specifically to keep your animals healthy.

They are made at three dedicated Bedmax production plants in the UK, from fresh timber sourced from renewable UK forestry. Bedmax shavings were developed to offer owners a natural bedding that would help address the issues that threaten the health and welfare of horses, livestock and other animals.

Strawmax Straw Pellets

After 20 years of making shavings, we’ve launched a completely different kind of bedding.

Strawmax pellets are made simply from high quality straw. They’re ultra low on dust, ultra high on absorbency. They’re healthy for horses and very easy for humans to handle, store and use. They’re also very low on waste, which reduces your costs and your muckheap.

Get Started

Learn everything you need to know to choose the best bedding for your horse’s sake, and how to minimise the risk and the cost for your own benefit.

“Thank you for providing such a useful resource. Having this course to complete has enriched my own learning and improved my customer interactions regarding bedding.”

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