Strawmax Features & Benefits

When we began developing equine bedding over 20 years ago, our aim was to offer horse owners in the UK a top quality, natural bedding tailor-made to help them safeguard their horses’ health and wellbeing in the stable.

This is still our mission, but of course no single bedding option will suit every owner or every horse. Many owners today still use traditional straw, and there is a bewildering variety of equine bedding materials available ranging from shredded hemp to diced paper. But the largest number of non-shavings bedding buyers in the UK today are choosing wood pellets.

So we have done our research once again and developed a bedding option that maximises the benefits of pellets for you, your horse and the environment by making them from straw.

Dust Extracted

Straw is one of the biggest contributors to airborne dust and spores in the stable. Strawmax is made using the highest quality straw which is heat treated and dust extracted during the manufacturing process.


Strawmax is long lasting with minimal waste making it very cost effective. We know horses are expensive, so cutting costs without compromising on quality is a huge bonus!

Manages Moisture

Strawmax is extremely absorbent. It is designed to allow urine to drain from the surface and be absorbed at a lower level in order to keep the surface dry and reduce exposure to ammonia.


For those that love a straw bed, we’ve kept all the pros but removed the cons! Strawmax is the best of straw made even better. It’s quick and easy to use – perfect for owners with a busy schedule who still want the best for their horse in the stable.

Easy Disposal

Strawmax breaks down quickly and easily into compost making it perfect for returning to the land and great for the environment. And, as it is just straw, many farmers will happily remove your muck heap to use as fertiliser.


Raw straw is naturally contaminated with spores and bacteria which can cause a number of problems. Strawmax is dried to a high temperatures to help eradicate contaminants and make it clean and hygienic for your horse.

What our customers say…

The product is super absorbent, low dust, and so so easy to muck out.
I’m halving what I would have taken out on shavings.


Your Questions Answered

Do you have any questions about Strawmax and how it is made?
We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked ones here.

Why is Strawmax better than straw?

Strawmax offers a hygienic dust-extracted option for owners who prioritise horse health. The high temperature reached in the process of pelletising means the pellets contain none of the harmful dust and spores often found in virgin straw.

The high absorption of the pellets means stable odours are also kept to a minimum and with wastage being minimal the muck heap itself is half the size.

How environmentally friendly is Strawmax?

Locally sourced, from within five miles of the production plant, Strawmax is made from a waste product. It produces no air miles and it has a low carbon-footprint.

How easily disposable is Strawmax?

Strawmax is very easily disposed of and can even be put straight from the stable onto onto the land. As the used bedding breaks down very easily Strawmax is ideal for composting.

Does Strawmax need water?

It is recommended to water Strawmax every time. Watering enables the straw to fulfil its potential and volume giving a lovely fluffy cushioning bed, while also discouraging horses from eating their bed. Dust-extracted when pelletised, once the bed is dampened the risk of dust is minimal.

What are the three main benefits of Strawmax?

Cost, Absorbency and Ease of Use.

This bedding is very cost effective compared to other options on the market. It also offers a hygienic dust-managed environment for the horse and is a super absorbent and comfortable bedding, with minimal wastage.  Time is money and time is precious, and a Strawmax stable is very easy to manage, muck out and maintain which saves both time and money.

Is Strawmax good for horses with respiratory problems?

Reducing the levels of harmful airborne dust is important for managing allergens in the stable, including equine and human asthma. Because Strawmax is dust-extracted and heat treated, in addition to the pellets being dampened down, it produces minimal dust in the stable.

Where can I buy Strawmax?

Strawmax is currently stocked by equine retailers and country stores across Yorkshire, the North of England and Scotland.

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