Taking strides to protect the planet

In recent years, environmental impact has become a key focus for many businesses and we are proud to be taking strides to protect the planet here at Strawmax. Here are just some of the ways we aim to work sustainably:

A Green Lifecycle

Our straw pellets offer a natural and eco-friendly alternative to many other beddings. They are made from 100% British straw which is a waste product of grain harvesting. The straw is sourced within five miles of our factory which minimises carbon footprint.

When using Strawmax pellets there is minimal wastage. When the time comes to refresh your horse’s stable, you’ll find the pellets compost easily and very quickly, into a nitrogen-rich manure which is perfect for garden and farm and use.


Strawmax bags are made using new high-strength film bagging technology which reduces the overall weight and plastic content. Of the plastic used, 30% is made from a blend of recycled plastic, and the rest is EU PE04 Low Density Polyethene.

We use non-toxic inks which are less harmful to the environment. We are constantly pursuing research into bioplastic alternatives. As a company we have a zero-landfill policy and both during and after the production process, any waste we produce is recycled.

Carbon Balanced Paper

Our office exclusively uses certified Carbon Balanced Paper. The paper is made from renewable raw materials, with the added benefit of being biodegradable and recyclable. The practice is an excellent way to reduce carbon impacts and climate change.

Supporting Our Community

We are keen to be a valued part of the local communities around us which is why we are continuously supporting local charities, schools, and community projects. Our team have involved themselves in a wide range of voluntary projects.

Beyond Strawmax

Our customers have come up with lots of innovative ways to reuse Strawmax packaging. They’ve been known to refashion our packaging into a number of things such as garden kneeling mats, waterproof animal coats, waterslides, and more.