Stockmax Features & Benefits

Cut to a large size

Our bigger shavings help to protect joints, they do not mulch and break down, and very young chicks and game birds are much less likely to eat and choke on them.

Improves health & wellbeing

Stockmax helps to prevent skin, respiratory and eye problems. Farmers who use Stockmax at lambing times tell us that our shavings help them reduce their losses.

Manages Moisture

Stockmax is a large flake shaving, draining urine from the surface to be absorbed by smaller shavings at a lower level. This keeps the surface dry and reduces the risk ammonia poses.

Comfort & Support

Stockmax is designed to provide warmth and comfort and support all key factors in helping to promote rest.

Time Saving

Stockmax is designed to be long lasting and resilient and the need to replace bedding as often is decreased, reducing labour and costs.

Suitable for all animals

Stockmax is ideal for almost any farm or domestic animal whose wellbeing will benefit from a dry, absorbent, hygienic bedding.

What our customers say…

Stockmax has proved to be a good quality, highly efficient bedding, easier to manage and cleaner than straw. With a good bed laid, it was warm and comfortable for the ewes and their lambs providing a dust-free environment.

Adrian O.


Your Questions Answered

Do you have any questions about Stockmax and how it is made?
We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked ones here.

Is Stockmax suitable for Poultry?
Yes, Stockmax makes an ideal bedding for poultry. It is extremely hygienic, comfortable, insulating and dust-extracted. The flakes are also too large for birds, particularly chicks, to ingest.
Will Stockmax help to reduce antibiotic use in lambing pens?
Stockmax is made using 100% pine which is a natural antibacterial against harmful bacteria (including E-Coli) which can help reduce antibiotic use. It is also dried at sterilising temperatures during production to ensure biosecurity and keeps pens much dryer, cleaner and, overall, more hygienic.
Is Stockmax a pine bedding?
Yes, Stockmax is made using 100% pine.
How do I use Stockmax?
Fluff up your Stockmax shavings to create a fluffy, deep and level bed. Removing dirty bedding regularly and topping up with fresh shavings will ensure maximum comfort and hygiene.
How deep should I make the Stockmax shavings?
This really depends on the species, however, for livestock and poultry we we recommend a bed of 6-8″ to allow Stockmax to manage moisture efficiently and keep the surface of the bed clean and dry.

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