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Better bedding for working dogs

Stockmax pine shavings are a multi-purpose bedding solution for working dogs. Made using 100% pine timber, sourced from renewable forestry in the UK, Stockmax shavings benefit from pine’s unique capacity to eliminate harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and E. faecium that are common causes of illness..

Carrying NOPS accreditation, owners can be confident knowing there are no contaminants which could be harmful to their dogs. Designed to help improve health and wellbeing, Stockmax pine shavings are dried to sterilising temperatures to ensure a clean and hygienic product and eliminate cross contamination.

Fights E. Coli and E. Faecium which reduces the risk of disease spread.
Provides a comfortable and warm bed for dogs which provides essential joint support after a busy day in the field.
Moisture managing properties to the keep surface of the bed clean and dry, especially important after a wet day.
Durable so it remains clean for longer which in turn reduces cost workload.
Fresh pine smell helps to keep kennels (and dogs!) smelling cleaner for longer.

What our customers say…

I have seen immediate benefits with pine shavings and I am now keen to see the long-term savings over coming years.


Your Questions Answered

Do you have any questions about Stockmax and how it is made?
We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked ones here.

How does Stockmax help keep dogs healthy?
Pine has unique, natural antibacterial properties which are effective against E. Coli and E. faecium which are common causes of disease in animals.
How does Stockmax protect joints?

Stockmax large flakes are designed to form a resilient and supportive bed which does not move around and degrade easily. This results in a stable, cushioned bed for dogs to lie on.

Is all Stockmax made from pine?

Stockmax is made using 100% pine, so every bag is consistent.

Where can I buy Stockmax?

You can use the ‘Find a Supplier’ function on our website to locate your nearest stockist.

Is Stockmax safe to use in whelping boxes and for puppies?
Yes, in fact, Stockmax is the ideal bedding to use for whelping and puppies because it is hygienic, free from harmful naturally occurring substances, insulating and comfortable. It has the added benefit of wicking moisture away from the surface of the bed to keep puppies dry and clean.

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