Setting a New Standard

The first equine bedding company to achieve NOPS accreditation

Helping Trainers to Mitigate Risk

Minimising contamination by Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances…

Bedmax has become the first equine bedding company to achieve NOPS accreditation, under a new scheme launched by the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) in January 2021.

Compliance with the new BETA NOPS Bedding code gives trainers, owners and racecourses industry standard verification that the risk of contamination by naturally occurring prohibited substances has been proactively minimised in the production of any of our equine bedding products: Bedmax and Littlemax shavings, and our new Strawmax straw pellet bedding.

NOPS are found in plants and in a variety of human foods such as chocolate and drinks such as coffee, tea, and many soft drinks, and in some forms of medication – all of which can be sources of cross-contamination.

The most common NOPS test failures are caused by:


Stringent Quality Management

The NOPS Bedding logo signifies that every aspect of production at all four of our plants has been subjected to an independent Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point audit and complies fully with the NOPS code covering:

Traceability & integrity of raw materials
Transport & storage of materials & products
Production conditions & management systems
Staff training & management

“BETA’s NOPS Code for Equine Bedding is an important step forward in reducing the risk of contamination. Racehorse trainers using accredited bedding can have increased confidence in their ability to avoid positive tests for naturally occurring prohibited substances.”

Rupert Arnold

Chief Executive, National Trainers Federation

Making Bedding Better with Bedmax

Minimising The Risk of NOPS Contamination

The British Horseracing Authority’s rigorous anti-doping enforcement and severe penalties for failure make it vital for trainers to be able to prove they have taken all measures to prevent contamination by NOPS. BETA first launched its NOPS Code for Equine Feed in 2009 in response to an increase in positive NOPS tests in racing, and both the BHA and the National Trainers Federation (NTF) have endorsed the BETA NOPS Code.

BHA guidance to trainers points out that: “Under the BHA Rules of Racing, the Responsible Person – in most cases the trainer – is strictly liable for any positive test. Therefore, it is vital that (trainers) take all reasonable precautions to avoid any Adverse Analytical Finding (“positive test”).” It underlines that positive tests can also occur as a result of cross-contamination from other sources in the stable environment, including bedding, and two years ago BETA agreed to extend the NOPS scheme to bedding products.

BETA Certification

Now the NOPS Bedding logo on every bag of Bedmax, Littlemax and Strawmax certifies the stringent quality management procedures that have been undertaken during every step of the raw material sourcing, storage, transport and manufacturing of these products.

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Bedmax Bedding Products

Bedmax bedding products are purpose made to provide an ideal bedding for horses and ponies. They are made at three dedicated production plants in the UK, from fresh timber sourced from renewable UK forestry. Bedmax bedding has been developed to offer owners a natural bedding that would help address the issues that threaten the health and welfare of horses in stables.


Our large flake dust extracted pine shavings


All the benefits of Bedmax in a lighter form


A healthy, absorbent and economical bedding option


The ideal bedding for many other animals, large and small


The sustainable alternative to logs for winter and summer