How to Use Littlemax Horse Bedding

This is how our experts recommend that you make a bed that will be best for your horse and easiest and least wasteful for you to maintain:

Bags Required

On average we would suggest using 4-6 bags of Littlemax to start a new bed. Each 18kg bag will cover 2-3 square meters to create the ideal depth of bed.

Fluffing Up

Littlemax is pressure-packed into bags so requires fluffing up to break the shavings up. You will notice that once fluffed up a bag goes a long way!


Create an even, level bed 6-8 inches deep covering the whole floor. This allows Littlemax to work properly by draining moisture down through the layers to be absorbed in the base of the bed.


Banks can be used around the walls as a ‘reserve’ of clean, dry shavings, however, it is important to remember to shake these out regularly to keep them fresh and clean.

Maintaining an Ideal Bed…

  • Horses should be removed from their stable if possible whilst mucking out.
  • Remove all droppings from the surface using a shavings fork.
  • Shake the fork gently to loosen any clean shavings back onto the surface and avoid waste.
  • Loosen the surface of the bed and remove all dirty or wet bedding from underneath. Banking clean bedding to one side will reduce wastage.
  • Add fresh shavings to maintain optimum depth. Most customers report using 1-1.5 bags a week.