Strawmax Big Success at Stud Yard

Sandra Low-Mitchell tries out new product for Bedmax with great results

Since 1970 Balcorno Stud in Fife has been looking after and breeding competition level horses, building a hugely successful stud and hunt livery yard on the Scottish coast. From the early days, Balcormo has produced horses that perform and win in all three major disciplines, and the stud carries on breeding award-winning stock today. Highly regarded Sandra Low-Mitchell, who owns and runs the business with her mother Jacky Low-Mitchell, has tried and tested Strawmax straw pellets for two months on four horses, and has been incredibly impressed with the results.

With four horses to bed and muck out with Strawmax, Sandra who usually uses straw, was eager to compare the two. Her first impressions were immediately positive, and after the weeks of use was keen to share her take on the new product:

“I have to say I’ve been extremely happy with it. I think that following these two months of trials we’re going to be purchasing it for the yard in the future. It is very quick, easy, efficient, absorbent, and dust-free. It is everything we could want for a bedding, and looks nice and comfortable for our horses which is important to us.”

Another benefit Sandra noticed was the ease at which Strawmax could be composted:

“The best thing about it for us has been how easy it is to return back to the earth. It really breaks down well and because of how little we need to remove at mucking out time, there is less of it anyway. This is really good stuff. I would recommend it to anyone, whether they’ve got one horse or 40.”

Sandra’s years of experience and decades of mucking out have had a toll on her back. One thing that she commented on since the trial with Strawmax was how much easier this work was:

“It’s easy on your back – my back is not so good with mucking out, but I’ve found it’s been good with the pellets.”

Bedmax wanted to bridge the gap between high-end bespoke low dust shavings and alternative bedding options, so that no matter what the budget, customers find the right product for them according to their priorities. Sandra continued:

“Strawmax ensures our horses are comfortable, but importantly it is also affordable. For us it’s a really good option because it’s got that dust-extracted element but without the price tag of a non-straw product.”

Bedmax would like to thank Sandra for taking the time to share her experience and knowledge, and for trusting and trialling Strawmax on the yard.

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