Safeguarding the world’s best event horses since 2006

All the horses competing at Badminton Horse Trials in May will once again find Bedmax shavings waiting for them in their stables.

Bedmax has been the bedding chosen by the organisers at Badminton since 2006, and the company is delighted to be able to offer competitors the peace of mind that comes with using a bedding with an unrivalled reputation for safeguarding the health and wellbeing of stabled horses.

Bedmax is the only UK bedding manufacturer to achieve accreditation to the BETA NOPS scheme for bedding. All of its equine bedding bags carry the NOPS badge which assures horse owners that every aspect of its operations from timber traceability through production and distribution is managed to prevent the possibility of contamination by Naturally Occurring Prohibitive Substances.

For Bedmax MD Tim Smalley, supplying Badminton is a benchmark on a par with the company’s two Royal Warrants. “We’re very proud to be asked to support many of the leading equestrian events in the UK, but Badminton is unique. It’s one of the most prestigious horse trials in the world, and it attracts all the world’s leading event riders to compete for the title.

“It’s a privilege to be trusted to provide our shavings for the extraordinary horses that compete here, and we’re proud to be involved in a small way in this wonderful showcase of British equestrian excellence. After missing the two Covid years, it was such a pleasure to be back at Badminton last year, and we’re looking forward enormously to being there again this Spring.”

In January, event Director Jane Tuckwell and Commercial Director Andrew Tucker visited Bedmax plant No.3, near Andover, to see for themselves how Bedmax shavings are made. Jane said of the day, “We were given a wonderful tour of the Hampshire based factory. I have never seen so much wood and shavings in one place. It really is a very impressive set-up.”

“I think they were impressed,” says Tim Smalley, “and a little bit surprised by the attention to detail and the technology we’re using in our production process. Since 2006 we’ve invested continuously in improvements in our plant and processes, including our own high- performance dust extraction systems and our automated bagging and palletising equipment.

“I think the organisers see NOPS as a really important new assurance for events like Badminton, and for their competitors. Dope tests today are capable of detecting minute traces of NOPS, and a failed test at this level would be a disaster. So we’re very happy to be able to give the organisers and the competitors even greater confidence in the quality of the bedding in the Badminton stables.”

Bedmax began making purpose-made shavings for equine bedding in 2000, with a vision to offer horse owners a bedding of the highest quality, performance and value, that helps meet all the health and welfare issues in the stable. Today, the Bedmax range of shaving are made at three dedicated production plants in the UK, from fresh timber sourced from renewable UK forestry.

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