How to Keep Your Grey Horse Grey

Winter is approaching fast and along with cold, short days comes rain and inevitably mud so if you are the owner of a grey horse the thought of it all probably leaves you quaking in your wellies or perhaps you are already stock piling the purple shampoo!

We all know the drill; you turn your beautiful grey steed out and they make a bee line for the muddiest hole in the field, lush green grass and acres to roam, you can bet your bottom dollar before any grazing can take place their inner hippo must be channelled!

Full body hoods and top of the range turnout or stable rugs, we do all we can but one way or another mud and those pesky stable stains will most certainly find their way through. We don’t all have the luxury of a solarium so time is of the essence and with the cold weather temperatures where possible full body baths should try and be avoided.

That stock piled purple shampoo will become your greatest friend, and along with a selection of sponges and towels spot washing will become your greatest skill!

There is an ever growing selection of brushes with ‘magical’ qualities that combined with a bit of old fashioned elbow grease can eliminate those stains, as for that mud, where time allows it should be left to dry and will then brush off with ease.

You may on the odd (nearly never) occasion when you’ve got up extra early to brace yourself for some early morning stain removal been blessed with a stain free steed. This can make you feel incredibly smug (if not a little uneasy that your missed something) but more often than not sadly it is pretty much impossible to wake up to the sparkling grey beauty you so neatly tucked away the night before.

We can at least help by providing them with a lovely big clean bed for the night (Bedmax is a great option)!

Good luck to all you grey horse owners out there, we salute you!

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