Dust-free pine shavings range creates a universal hygienic bed for animals

Earlier today at (NSA North Sheep) the UK’s largest horse bedding manufacturer, Bedmax, has announced that it is diversifying and enhancing its range of products to include Stockmax, branded shavings especially for livestock.

Using the same dust-free, pine timber shavings as its flagship Bedmax, Stockmax shavings are dried at temperatures that sterilise the shavings, Stockmax is easy to use and provides a warm, dry and absorbent bed for a diverse array of animals.

Due the antibacterial properties, which help reduce deaths caused by infection, primarily, E. coli, Stockmax is the ideal bedding for sheep during lambing.  Pine completely kills off the E.coli infection and is also effective against other bacteria thus reducing the need for expensive antibiotics to treat infected lambs. Producing very little dust and spores, Stockmax remains dry and warm for longer, benefiting over straw, giving lambs the best possible start.

Tim Smalley, Managing Director of Bedmax said: “We increasingly noticed that not all of our customers were horse owners and by researching the target market, we were able to identify that people were buying Bedmax for many types of other animal’s most especially sheep during lambing time.”
Stockmax has similar benefits for calving cattle, poultry farmers, gamekeepers, owners of working dogs, and pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs can also benefit from Stockmax as a cost effective, hygienic bedding.

Holders of a Royal Warrant, Northumberland-based Bedmax originally began producing dust-free shavings for the horse racing industry 15 years ago. Today, the company runs three plants with an annual production of more than two million bags of shavings for the UK and export markets.

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