Don’t Throw it Away, Recycle for Another Day

Bedmax shares innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle their packaging. As a company, we are continually striving to minimise our usage of plastics. However, to ensure that a customer’s Bedmax Shavings stay in optimum condition, it is imperative that they are completely sealed in durable, 100% waterproof bags.
The plastic also needs to have the capabilities of being branded.

As a company here is what we are doing at Bedmax to minimise our use of plastic:

  • All the plastic used is EU PE04 Low Density Polyethene 100% recyclable plastic.
  • The ink used on each bag is water-based recyclable ink.
  • The shavings are highly compressed which reduces the actual size of the Bedmax bag without reducing the 18kg content.
  • Light weighting has taken place and we have reduced the weight of our plastic applications while maintaining the same technical performance. Minimising the weight of plastic film has been a priority, and in recent years the gauge of the plastic film has been reduced and it is now considerably thinner than it used to be.
  • All of the waste plastic generated from each of our three production plants is recycled.
  • We have a zero landfill policy at our three plants.
  • Bedmax endeavours to remain up to date on emerging bioplastics and work in collaboration with our suppliers we are continually looking at ways to minimise our use of plastic and look forward to the commercial development of starch-based chemicals and the invention of biodegradable film.
  • We would also like to encourage our customer to check with their local authority as to what they are currently doing or proposing in terms of their plastic waste collection schemes. Some local authorities are much more advanced with this than others.

Here are 20 innovative ways to re-use and make the most of your Bedmax Bags:

(If you have some great images or any further ideas or as to how to recycle your Bedmax bags we would love to hear from you.)

  • Minimise Travel Mess: Why not put your hay nets in an empty bag? This can allow for easier transport and less spillage.
  • Make a feed-bucket cover: To prevent feed spills when traveling or to keep unwanted guests out, cut a square from a Bedmax bag, large enough to cover your feed bucket a few inches down all around the top. Secure with leftover baling twine.
  • Make a Water-Bucket Cover: To keep water from splashing you when transporting at shows or elsewhere, or to keep the water clean, create a homemade bucket cover.
  • Sort and Store Stable Blankets: Store each of your blankets in a Bedmax bag, secured with masking tape. Label with the horse’s name, blanket type, and/or size.
  • A Stable Bed for your Dog: Bedmax bags can make for a perfect cover for your dog’s mattress. Insert some Bedmax shavings in the bag, tape bag to keep the bedding clean and fresh.
  • Stable Saddle Cover: Cut bag open and place over your saddle.
  • Recycling Bins: At Bedmax, we pride ourselves on recycling. Use one bag to collect cardboard, another for general waste, another for beverage cans to be recycled, etc.
  • Waterproof a Bandaged Hoof: Cut a circle from a used bag, then cut slits as needed to shape it around the hoof. Use duct tape to attach.
  • Winter and Waterproof Stable or Tack Room: Cover cracks and holes with used bags.
  • Share your Muck: Stuff used bedding bags with manure, and share with your gardening friends for composting
  • Create a Horse Awareness Training Tool: Use a Bedmax bag to desensitise your horse to sights and sounds, either by using as-is or making a noise-shaker by placing cans inside the bag.
  • Cover a Muddy Spot: Keep your boots dry by using old Bedmax bags as a bridge over mud.
  • A Ground Sheet: cut a bag open to lie flat and protect floors when painting or staining.
  • A Table Cover: Cut the Bedmax bag open and use as a bright yellow water-proof table cloth or to protect a table
  • Keep Your Car Clean: Keep a spare bag flat in the boot of your vehicle to minimise mess.
  • Bedmax bags are made to hold 18kg. Reuse an empty Bedmax bag to bring home a heavy load of something.
  • Snow Shoes: Tie a Bedmax bag over your winter walking boots to keep them dry during inclement weather.
  • Grow Your Own: – Fill a bag with soil and some compost made from Bedmax and grow some potatoes.
  • Protect Your Plants: For the harsher weathers, Bedmax bags can protect tender plants. Slide the bags over annuals and perennials and cut off the top to protect them from frost and snow.
  • Keep Kindling Dry: Place burnable paper, and small sticks inside a used bag to keep your fire fuel dry.


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