Composting Used Shavings.

We are increasingly asked by customers for advice on the most effective way to dispose of used shavings. So we have commissioned scientists at Napier University to come up with the definitive answer. Now the experiments are finished – and the answer is to turn your shavings into compost and return them to the soil.

Bedmax shavings, in the right natural conditions and with just a bit of sensible management, will obligingly turn themselves (like any other form of natural, organic used bedding) into re-usable, bio-degradable compost.

We commissioned the scientists to test the most effective way to convert Bedmax shavings into compost in the shortest possible time? The scientists conducted a controlled experiment to discover the ideal combination of conditions to achieve the fastest and best results. They got stuck in to the Muck Heap and, after a comprehensive controlled experiment, came up with the answer.

To ensure the shavings decompose as quickly as possible you need to have the correct carbon (shavings), nitrogen (dung and green material) ration. The perfect ratio is three to one. The shavings need to be on the wet side of damp but not waterlogged. They also need oxygen (air).

Based on a twelve month programme, their findings showed that a good heap of Bedmax containing healthy horse manure will, if left uncovered and in the open, kept damp and turned once a month, produce excellent ready-to-use compost in 4 – 8 months depending on the season. The Napier University programme included adding composting bacteria, water, and nitrogen/ fertiliser. None of these additional factors created any benefit at all. The simplest and easiest methodology proved to be the best and quickest.

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