Better Bedding Structure

Every bag of Bedmax contains a consistent combination of our uniquely larger shavings and medium and small shavings.

This combination of shavings naturally form layers when a new bed is fluffed up, with the larger shavings on top and the small shavings at the bottom. This structure provides a wide range of different benefits for the horse’s health and wellbeing:

  • Drainage & absorbency
  • Ammonia suppression
  • Comfort & support
  • Hoof support
  • Sleep & Recovery

Better for Sleep & Recovery

All horses need an average of 60 minutes or more of deep, REM sleep every 24 hours. This can only be achieved lying down either on their sides or in the dorsal recumbent position. Our shavings bedding structure provides a deep, comfortable bed that drains urine and ammonia to the bottom layer of absorbent small shavings, and safeguards the horse’s respiratory system even when it’s nose is in direct contact with the bedding.

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