Bedmax Summer Survey


Bedmax Summer Survey confirms that cost of bedding is an increasing concern

UK owners still put their horses’ health first

Results from the Summer Bedmax Equine Health Survey reports that 64% of the 511 owners who answered the survey say that they are concerned about the rising costs of bedding.

Asked whether concerns over the cost of bedding had made owners change what they are using in the stable, 25% stated that in the last six months they had changed their bedding as a direct result of concerns about rising costs.

Key Findings

Cost of Bedding

Over the past 6 months has cost become a more important factor in your choice of bedding?





Respondents confirmed that cost is becoming an increasingly significant factor for them with 67% saying that over the last six months it is becoming more important to them when they are choosing a bedding to buy.

Increasing Outdoor Time

Are you planning or able to increase the hours your horse is outside to reduce costs?





Increase in costs has become such a worry that 27.2% of the respondents said they were planning or considering increasing their horses’ outdoor time during the winter months to cut down on bedding and stable costs.


Putting Horses Health First

Despite rising costs being a concern, however, every respondent still put their horses’ health and wellbeing at their top of their list of priorities when choosing which bedding to buy.

Over 52% of respondents confirmed that low levels of dust were still essential to them when choosing a bedding and a further 36% stated it was a high priority, underlining the importance of the commitment Bedmax has always made to eliminate airborne dust as far as physically possible in all their beddings.

Hygiene and the health of the horse in the stable is still a priority for owners due to the length of time horses are spending in their stables, with over 80% of the respondents replying that during the winter months their horses are in the stables for 12 hours or more over 24 hours.

The cost of equine health problems also remains a significant concern for many owners. Over 11% of respondents said that they wished to maintain a level hygienic and healthy bedding in their stables to avoid incurring bigger health related costs.

Over 45% said that they would like to know how to manage their existing bedding in such a way that meant they could keep up the standard but reduce their waste and make their bedding last longer. The remaining respondents said they wished to find a cost reducing but still healthy option for their horses.


A selection of comments from Bedmax Summer Survey

"Costs are greater but health is more expensive if compromised."

“I don’t compromise on my horses welfare regarding bedding, using the cheaper less effective brands is just false economy”

“My horse suffers from a dust allergy so I have to factor in the cost increase to ensure her airways aren’t affected”

“I am more economical than previously and provide a smaller bed, but will not compromise the health and comfort of my horses.”

“I used wood pellets with Bedmax shavings, the wood doubled in cost so I tried Strawmax and haven’t looked back.”

“Always used Bedmax since moving from straw a lot of years ago, tried various brands in the past but cant find anything that matches the quality”

“Over the years I have tried various shavings and in my opinion Bedmax ticks all the boxes for me and my horse”

“Switching to a cheaper alternative I find I have to add more than I usually would”

“The initial cost of Bedmax is more than other but it goes further, so in the long run I find it cheaper.”

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