Bedmax Partners With Badminton Horse Trials To Promote Equine Health

As Bedmax, the UK’s leading manufacturer of horse shavings, celebrates its 20th anniversary, it is delighted to announce its 16th year of supporting Badminton Horse Trials. All horses stabled held at the Badminton Estate in South Gloucestershire during the event will be bedded on Bedmax dust-free pine shavings.

Badminton Horse Trials is one Europe’s leading events in the equestrian calendar and takes place from 6-10 May 2019  Since Bedmax was a fledgling business, it has continued its support of the trials to raise awareness with horse owners to the benefits and importance of equine health in the stable.

Jane Tuckwell, Badminton Horse Trails’ new Events Director, is keen to express her thanks to Bedmax for their continued support:
“We would like to thank Bedmax again for their return to Badminton Horse Trials.  Bedmax Dust Free Shavings have been a fixture at the trials for many years and we know that the competitors value having access to such a high-quality bedding, which helps to support horse health during the event.

“Being an Olympic year, we expect to see a highly competitive international field with riders knowing that a strong performance at Badminton will help catch their selectors’ attention.  This makes the environment the horses are kept in paramount to their performance.”

This year, the Bedmax stand will return to the “World of the Horse” marquee to provide advice to horse owners and promote the benefits of this innovative bedding.  Its presence reaffirms the company’s commitment to supplying the industry with a product that has animal health at the forefront of its ethos, as Tim Smalley, Managing Director of Bedmax explains.

“We are returning to Badminton in the knowledge that it is a hugely prominent event in the equine diary and is internationally renowned for bringing together the highest level of horsemanship from cross country, dressage and show jumping.  Within this, the horses’ health is paramount for success and our aim as a company is to educate and support the equine community on the best bedding care.

“Ensuring the health and wellbeing of these fine horses is always at the fore-front of their owners’ minds and an enormous amount of hard work goes into ensuring this.  The choice of bedding material factors highly in the decisions that have to be made and can make a significant difference to the wellbeing and performance of a horse.”

Providing a dust-free and healthy environment in the stable is important to health, and this is acknowledged by many leading riders that work with Bedmax across the globe. The company invests significantly in research and development to manufacture products that provide a low dust environment for horses that also provide the additional benefits of supporting hooves, cushioning hocks and joints and maintaining hygiene effectively.

Established in 2000, Bedmax Ltd was the first company in the UK to produce tailor-made, dust-free shavings for horses. Today, two Royal Warrant for the supply of horse bedding to Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Charles, it is the industry leader with a global reputation for producing the very highest quality horse bedding from which all stabled horses can benefit.

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