Bedmax is now improved, and better than ever!

Through continual research the UK’s leading equine bedding manufacturer Bedmax ceaselessly strives to improve and perfect their bespoke equine bedding, ensuring an optimum stable environment for horses. 

Today they have revealed a new improved and developed production system to enhance product quality across all three production plants.  In the region of £750k has been invested in a new separator, dust extraction system at all three of their production plants.  Whilst further improving the consistent quality of Bedmax and Littlemax Shavings, this investment also ensures that all potentially harmful airborne dust and spores, which are detrimental to the horse’s respiratory, are removed from each bag.

A new cooling system has also been developed following the purification process.  The shavings are heated to sterilising temperatures for hygiene purposes, and then cooled to a controlled moisture content, which prevents hooves drying out and increases longevity of the product.

Tim Smalley, Managing Director of Bedmax Shavings commented:

“Since we first launched Bedmax in 2000 it has been our aim to continue our research in order to develop and improve the products we offer.  Bedding plays a crucial role in the health and well-bring of stabled horses and this is our top priority.”

Bedmax Shavings were first launched in response to the growing understanding that bedding was commonly the worst source of airborne dust and spores in the stable environment.  Initially developed for the racing industry, the benefits soon became apparent throughout other areas of the equine industry.  Made primarily with pine, it offers a natural antibacterial power, improves stable hygiene and reduces ammonia which can cause damage to the hoof wall as well as the respiratory system.

On average, over 80% of horses spend more than 10 hours in the stable which highlights the importance of bedding to their health and performance.  Every bag of Bedmax and Littlemax Shavings are designed to combat the six major stable health hazards; dust and spores, hooves, hygiene, hocks and joints, ammonia and comfort and rest.

Bedmax were the first company in the UK to produce bespoke shavings especially for horses and in 2008 were awarded a Royal Warrant from HM The Queen.  Today with three production plants and UK wide sales team, they remain an industry market leader and have regularly topped equine industry trade body polls as the UK’s most popular horse bedding.

Whilst research at Bedmax is ongoing, the recent investment in machinery and equipment has resulted in new developments and improvements to the overall quality of Bedmax and Littlemax Shavings, alongside the durability of the bags during transportation and handling.

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