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Jul 29, 2021 | Careers, Racing

For almost 25 years, we have been producing the highest quality, purpose-made, dust-free, hygienic horse bedding. From the outset, our vision was to provide horses with a healthy stable environment to significantly improve equine health and well-being in the stable.

Having developed an outstanding equine product, we are industry pioneers with a global reputation. Our products are highly respected and used by all sectors of the equine industry; from racing stables to equine veterinary hospitals.

Bedmax was launched in Northumberland in 2000, and today we have dedicated Bedmax and Strawmax production facilities throughout the UK.

I cannot emphasise enough how much care and attention to detail goes into producing every bag of Bedmax, Littlemax, Stockmax, Strawmax and Hotmax we make, and we are always looking for a professional to be part of the Bedmax team.

Tim Smalley

Founder and CEO
Bedmax Ltd.

About Us

Bedmax is an award-winning, equine bedding company that produces 100% natural, low dust horse bedding, developed specifically to keep horses healthy, happy and comfortable in the stable.

Bedding is potentially the biggest source of dust in the stable, and one of the biggest threats to a horse’s respiratory system. Our mission is to make high quality bedding that optimises the health of stabled horses whilst combatting the effect of equine products on the environment. Our vision as a company is to continually improve the economics and quality of horse welfare, offering horse owners the highest quality bedding that prioritises performance and value.

As an organisation, we are a group of people who really care about producing premium products for horse owners around the world. This is a competitive market, so to maintain our reputation of excellence we work hard together as a team, in an environment which is founded on respect and trust. Integrity, innovation, professionalism and awareness of the environment are just some of the core values which underpin our culture.

Our Story

The Bedmax story began on the Northumberland coast, near Holy Island in 2000.

We began producing Bedmax initially for the racing industry, in response to growing concerns that bedding was the largest source of airborne dust and spores that can do so much harm to stable-kept horses.

In our research into horse bedding materials, we also discovered that many other areas of equine health and welfare that can be affected by bedding, and that the needs of horse owners are very important too.

Bedmax is highly focused on research and development, and has, in recent years, developed a range of products to include Littlemax, Stockmax, Strawmax straw pellets, and Hotmax, a fuel log manufactured using the dust which is removed from the timber during the production process.

Today, we have three production plants making well over three million bags of Bedmax a year for thousands of loyal customers in the UK and our growing export markets. Bedmax has become the UK’s largest manufacturer of tailor-made shavings for horses and we take immense pride in every single bag of horse bedding we produce.

Bedmax Life

At Bedmax, we have a shared sense of pride in working for a company that values both its customers and staff equally. We run highly productive, technologically advanced factories, maintained by a team of highly skilled people.

Our well-motivated workforce enables us to be recognised as a world standard bedding company.

With over 50 members of the staff working from either our Head Office and Production plant at Detchant in Northumberland, Caunton in Nottinghamshire and Patchington in Hampshire, Bedmax staff work tirelessly across all areas of the business; to manufacture, package, promote and deliver our products. Our individual plant production teams operate together in dedicated roles in a highly paced manufacturing environment, to process and transform raw timber into innovative bedding products.

This is a collaborative approach which has gained Bedmax the highest of accolades, amongst which includes two Royal Warrants.

Career Opportunities

We believe our company is only as good as the people who work for it, and are always on the hunt for great people who are passionate about manufacturing and engineering, to help shape our future; bringing ideas and determination.

We need people who believe in making the equine stable environment a much healthier place, who have the drive to succeed and for whom work is more than just ‘9 to 5’.

So if you are keen to join us please do just drop me an email with your c.v.

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Next Steps

To apply for any of our current positions, please send your CV with a letter of application to…

Olivia Leyland
Bedmax Ltd,
Detchant Smithy, Detchant,
Belford, Northumberland,
NE70 7PF

Or via email to [email protected]

How to Apply

To apply for any of our current positions, please send your CV with a letter of application to…

Olivia Leyland,
Bedmax Ltd,
Detchant Smithy, Detchant,
Belford, Northumberland,
NE70 7PF

Or via email to [email protected]