Bedmax appoints Piggy March as Education Ambassador

Britain’s leading equine bedding manufacturer, Bedmax, is delighted to announce that one of the UK’s most respected event riders, Piggy March, will take a key role as Ambassador supporting the company’s growing programme of bedding management education and training.

Since Bedmax first began developing their pioneering brand of purpose-made shavings nearly 25 years ago, veterinary research and professional equestrian knowledge has increasingly emphasised the crucial part good bedding and bedding management plays in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of horses in their stables.

The Bedmax education programme has been created to make this information available to horse owners, students in equine education, professional training organisations and to equestrian retailers. For the coming year Piggy March will help promote and support the Bedmax education message, and add the invaluable extra dimension of a lifetime’s knowledge and experience of caring for horses.

In a 30-year career competing at the highest levels of international eventing, Piggy March has won Badminton and Burghley, individual European Championship silver in 2009 and 2021, and Team gold at the 2018 World Equestrian Games. But winning is not the achievement that has given her most satisfaction.

“Of course I’m competitive, but my main motivation has always been my love of training horses, and some of the best moments in my career have come from knowing I’ve produced the best possible performance from a horse.

“High performance horses like eventers spend a lot of time in their stables, and the quality of the stable environment is fundamentally important to their health and their performance. It’s absolutely critical to use a bedding that minimises dust and maximises hygiene, support and safety, and I’m really pleased to be joining forces with Bedmax to help spread this message to the next generation of owners, riders and competitors who share our passion for these extraordinary animals.”

Bedmax has consistently invested in research, product development and quality benchmarking, including their recent accreditation to the new BETA NOPS Bedding standard. The company’s education programme now includes outreach courses for schools and colleges, an online Certification course offering 4 SPQs and CPD points for retailers.

Bedmax MD, Tim Smalley, says: “We couldn’t be more proud to be represented by an Ambassador who is so well qualified and so widely respected and liked throughout the British equestrian world. Piggy March has used our shavings for many years and her views on bedding are completely aligned with ours. She will take our commitment to education to a completely new level of credibility and she will help us connect to the widest possible audience.”

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