National Volunteer’s Week

These often-unsung heroes are involved in all aspects of the community, ensuring that events run smoothly, day-to-day tasks are managed, and the next generation of riders are educated and encouraged. The roles you could undertake as a volunteer are as numerous as they are diverse, with something suitable for everyone no matter their ability or experience. Here is our A-Z of volunteering roles, to name just a small amount!

  • Activities Coordinator, Administration
  • Board of Directors, Baking,
  • Coach, Crossing Steward, Club Secretary, Covid Controller, Catering
  • Dressage writing, Dressage coach, Digital Media Assistant
  • Entries Secretary, Event Organiser, Education
  • Fence Judge, Fundraiser
  • Grooming
  • Health and Safety
  • Instructor
  • Jump Judge
  • Kit Organiser
  • Leading horses, Litter Picker
  • Mucking Out, Marshalling, Marketing
  • Nutrition Adviser
  • Operations Assistant
  • Photography
  • Quality controller
  • Riding for the Disabled group (RDA), Ragworting, Risk Assessment, Raffle Organiser
  • Starter, Score collector, Score Writing, Stewarding, support assistant
  • Treasurer, Timekeeper, Tea Runner
  • Uniform official, Union Representative
  • Videography, Volunteering in general
  • World Horse Welfare Volunteer (WHW)
  • Xtra hands
  • Yard Hand
  • Zzzzzzzzzzz’s – you’ve all worked so hard it’s time for sleep.
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