Bedmax Features & Benefits

Dust Removed

Bedding is potentially the biggest source of dust in the stable, and dust can impair or seriously damage your horse’s respiratory system. Bedmax has one of the lowest levels of dust and spores on the market.

Provides Support for Hooves

Your horse’s hooves need firm, resilient support. Our larger flakes provide it. We also dry Bedmax to a controlled moisture content to prevent hooves from drying out and cracking.

Manages Moisture

Our larger shavings help drain urine from the surface to be absorbed by smaller shavings at a lower level. This keeps the surface dry and reduces the risk ammonia poses to your horse’s lungs and hooves.

Cushions Hocks & Joints

Bedmax shavings help create a clean, supportive bed that encourages horses to lie down and rest, and cushions hocks and other joints from damage.

Improves Rest

Horses in stables need to be able to lie down to achieve deep REM sleep. A comfortable, clean, natural bed enables horses to lie down and rest properly and safely.

Maintains Hygiene

We make Bedmax shavings from fresh pine because pine offers unique antibacterial action against harmful bacteria and fungi. We also dry our shavings at sterilising temperatures during production.

What our customers say…

I have used many brands over the years but have always returned to Bedmax as the quality never changes and they are always guaranteed to be low dust. I am sure our horses, staff and event competitors appreciate all these benefits.

Margaret Hopkins

Stud Groom to The Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt and Stable Manager, Badminton Horse Trials.


Your Bedding Questions Answered

Do you have any questions about Bedmax and how it is made?
We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked ones here.

What is the best bedding for horses?

The most recent independent national surveys show that more than half of all UK owners now use wood shavings. Equine vets, experts and professionals, and thousands of owners prefer purpose-made shavings with the least dust content. Many use Bedmax.

Can bedding make a difference to the health of your horse?

The quality of the bedding you use in your horse’s stable has a fundamental impact on every aspect of your horse’s health. The best bedding helps safeguard respiratory and hoof health, protects joints, encourages rest and promotes mental and physical wellbeing.

What is Bedmax made from?

We make our shavings from fresh timber sourced from sustainable, managed UK forestry. At least half of our shavings are made from Scots Pine, which has unique natural antibacterial properties we think helps keep your stable hygienic and your horse healthy.

Is Bedmax Dust Free?

We screen out and vacuum extract every particle of ‘airborne dust’ we can capture during production, but it’s physically impossible to ensure that our shavings are completely free of dust particles at every point in their lifecycle. But we keep aiming for perfection!

What do you do with the dust you extract?

We recycle all our waste. All the dust we extract from our shavings is compacted into Hotmax fuel logs, and in our drive to minimise our use of plastic we’re now packing a growing proportion of them in fully recyclable or compostable paper sacks.

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